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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  November 18, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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law. the rest of us are just waiting now for a president who will lead area did we have the right to expect that any president, all president would lead. thank you for staying with us. have a good night. neil: thank you and good evening. i am neil cavuto. the keystone vote failed just one vote short even though half of the lame-duck senate said they wanted that keystone bill. tonight, the president is telling a lot of democrats to essentially shut it as well. we are monitoring how the president is playing this at this hour. we are also hearing lots of republicans and democrats are boiling mad tonight. tonight, they might want to hold their fire because we are hearing that the president is poised to do something that will be getting a lot more than getting someone boiling mad. making good on that promise and
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it could be just hours away. maybe this hour. then there's the grand jury decision in ferguson, missouri. state of emergency there and what they are doing to prepare for the worst. e became so close. reporter: good evening. supporters needed 60 votes and they got 59, including 14 democrats and every republican. republicans will assume control of the senate floor, mitch mcconnell the incoming majority leader says a vote will bill will be an early ite on the agenda in congress next year. is the 113th congress else one vote showed, one vote short. they will probably advance a keystone construction bill to the white house. officials indicating the progress likely stops at the
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west wing. >> the president believes that this is something that should be determined through the state department. >> as you point out, there are similar pieces of legislation in this congress where the senior advisers have recommended. reporter: president obama has had the authority to approve this project. he has delayed a pending court case in nebraska. democrats were split between those supporting unions that want the pipeline construction and environmentalists that oppose it. the sponsor running for the campaign seat in louisiana is looking into possibly pushing this again and again, not any time soon is this going to clear up. the u.s. senate has had their vote and we will look at it in the next congress. neil: elise mary landrieu is on record having voted for keystone.
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cynically that's what this whole senate trauma was about three a lame-duck chamber trying to prevent her goose from being cooked. polls showing that she trailed her opponent by double digits ahead of the december 6 run out. and the other senator says he knows why. some say it's a case of her doing too little too late. >> this is a political showboat and i think that everybody gets that at-home. but for her to talk about this on the campaign trail and then not be able to get the votes that she needed in a political showboat, when it was all about her political survival, quite frankly that is stunning. neil: what it had been any different knowing full well that the president probably would veto it regardless? >> i don't think that would've been a game changer for the election because i think people back home get that this is a political showboat.
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but this completely undercuts any argument that she had about clout and effectiveness and that is what her entire campaign has been based upon. neil: as you point out, one vote and trans votes shy. but too little too late is not going to move the needle. >> obviously she is going to disagree. i think her not getting the 60 votes is decimating. i think it's just unbelievably decimating for her politically. >> what is going to happen now? honestly the republican senate take another stand. the president is not a great change his mind. >> what is going to happen is that we are going to pass this in the new congress and i hope that the president changes his mind or it i hope that momentum builds in our direction and i hope that he sees that and lets the state department approved the permit or something and i hope that we get this done because it important for jobs in the american people.
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neil: make you, sir. we appreciate it. to the company trying to build the keystone pipeline, they say that today's vote does show growing support that the president cannot ignore it. but the president so far is ignoring it and has indicated that nothing has really changed. you suspect a republican senate with a potentially bigger vote for this would change it? >> are not sure. obviously we are focused on trying to get this pipeline approved which ever way we can area and in the process that we are pursuing is the state department process. i would hope that we can move on with the department in an expeditious way in and get to this. but as we saw since the beginning of the project, the support for the project continues and it's growing and it continues to grow.
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production is up in the u.s. and we have to move this in the safest way that we can and so the type i and needs to get built. so it is a matter of time, in my view to find the approval process that they get going. >> let's say the president sticks to his guns regardless of this growing momentum that you talk about before the construction of the pipeline. what you do? you ready to go off on their own, a candidate general expressing an interest to pursue. is that back on the front burner >> think that in canada we are looking at building other avenues to get to a domestic end export market. but the fundamental thing that doesn't change is the u.s. gulf coast refining suddenly dollars per day and canada's production is growing and u.s. production is growing.
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it's moving today. nobody wants to see that movement increase and no one wants to see the public at risk and increase the permissions and put the environment at risk. so eventually this gets done because it needs to get done and it is the right thing and it is the safest thing. so i just can't predict when that's going to occur, but certainly the state department has come to the conclusion that the pipeline itself is fine and actually it's the best way to transport. >> a lot of what you're saying, i'm just wondering that so much time has passed, a lot of the drillers are going to think that it's just not worth it and this is simply too pricey to do. so they might just take a pass on it. >> from a market standpoint the demand for the pipes has continued to grow in production in the u.s. is a
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2 million barrels per day. so even at the current production levels, that is two times the size of keystone being moved and so the list of potential shippers continues to grow. and none of the shippers that we had under the contract has wavered. if they do, we have a waiting list of others that want to get on to that pipeline. so as long as the market demand exists, and i think it continues to grow, we will be here to build its pipeline. and obviously we would find other things to do. but over the last six years it's been nothing but growing in terms of demand. neil: it's very good to have you on. >> thank you. neil: republicans already promising another keystone vote when they are running things in january. but the president promising he's
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going to veto it hurried his latest argument against it that caught our attention here. that not only will the pipeline not create that many jobs, but the jobs that will create will only be temporary jobs. so since when do temporary jobs and infrastructure jobs no longer matter? to a president who talks about this in the jobs recovery in this country, why are those temporary jobs just fine, but these keystone temporary jobs not find? we have jamie that says not so fast. so it's sort of like a double standard. >> no question. the big stimulus package i'm a which is always promoted as reviving the economy if you believe it, had dealt with a lot of temporary jobs and those where infrastructure jobs. and so how is that an argument against the keystone pipeline to you might think that the very jobs are not as good as permanent jobs, but they are
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still better than no jobs at all. so not sure why that is a strong argument against this. neil: i raised it with the trans canada ceo, wouldn't it be a kick with the collapse in oil prices, the time -- i'm not saying that it's come and gone, but it's compelling as the case and it's kind of gone. but the math might not favor coming in, spending this money to get this up and running, when the return was it was just a few years ago. >> it is an interesting point and trans canada will have to determine whether oil prices will go up in the long-term. but it's almost relevant to the issue of approval of keystone. symbolically the american government has in all of the above energy strategy. they are going to support energy production in the united states. whether or not trans canada decides this, that's up to them. but why would they try to put
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obstacles in the way of energy production? neil: i hear everything you're saying. i agree with you. i can hear the administration saying okay, now look at these bozos. >> i can see them doing that. but i think that's a hollow argument in the end. neil: i hope you're right and i think you're right. it's always a pleasure, thank you. speaking of oil prices, let's take a look at where we stand at this hour. an additional 41-cent drop today. it has been dropping for quite a while amid fears that the global economy is slumping. and it's more like a hyped dream. so that is what i'm wondering. if the president just shot himself in the foot here. >> he may well have traded the keystone xl pipeline, we were just talking about this about a
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hundred yards of the pipeline that we have improved from canada into the united states. if we build it, it will create about 20,000 jobs and in additional revenue in the pockets of americans. but because of it, another $20 billion in investment in food and lodging and vehicles, transportation and those areas. just as big as that from an energy independence standpoint, if we build as it precludes china from having direct access to north american oil. >> i also hear that old seinfeld line is on the rise. because they have been arguing that the job gains are not nearly as robust as has been predicted. and now they have a thing against them because there will be a lot of our time and temporary jobs. including an administration that has touted part-time jobs.
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>> we need more consumer advocacy and less politics. as an advocate for the consumer, we need to look at what made america the greatest economy in the world and what serves the consumer and how can we help them save more and make more money. that is what energy independence means. and we do that, when we fail, we fail the american consumer. thinking of people pumping gas right now, those can be dollars that are gifts for people's kids, holiday presents. neil: you are absolutely right. the benefit of the lower gas prices for consumer and the greater economic trend while the prices are falling may be something going on in the overall economy. >> there's no question that lower demand for fuel means the economy long term is slowing. but to derek's point, it is a shot in the arm to the economy.
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the president talks about wanting to save the environment and he has concerns from an environmental standpoint. the solyndra of the world, that should has sailed, that's not going to work. we might as well transport that in the most environmental and safeway that we can. and that is through a pipeline. trans canada ceo was just on. they are building pipelines thinking that it would minimize the environment to impact. we should be able to build the pipeline because it's environmentally friendly. we are using oil anyway. neil: i think it will eventually happen. but what it is is perhaps we are a year or more poorly start. >> production is at an all-time high, americans are united in the fact that they want energy independence and control and choice and that last another year, so be it. but the challenge is the message sent to the american consumer of
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what may be best for me versus what washington thinks is best for me. it can cause the economy to dry up. we want people feeling that washington has their back and help them find ways to save money, which is ultimately good for the economy now and in the long run. neil: overtook ferguson, missouri, where a grand jury decision could come down. that is why some businesses are barring their doors this hour. the latest from the ground is coming up next (receptionist) gunderman group.
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neil a grand jury decision in ferguson, missouri. for local businesses, it is pretty black-and-white.
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expecting protests to heat up, as its owners are hunkering down as we speak, including this man in the st. louis area. so, peter, what are you doing to prepare? >> well, that is a great question, we are not doing much differently. it's business as usual. i have my management team here and we sat down and talked about this and we are going to go business as usual because this is a great town area and we believe in the people here and a lot of my colleagues have and we really appreciate the people and we think everything is going to go well neil: you refused to do that, but there are fears, as i'm sure that you were aware, if this office officers not
8:20 pm
indicted there is going to be eruptions of violence. do you think that's coming or is it minimized? >> i don't know what's going to happen and i'm really sorry that this is happening to the brown family. but we are going to just play it by ear and see what happens to read and we hope that things will stay calm. maybe that is naïve on our part. we are going to bring our employees and make sure that they are safe. neil: when you talk about making sure employees are safe, are you giving them rules or advice to go by or how to handle things when this does come down? >> yes, obviously the safety is number one in my book. and the customers are also number one. you want to make sure that
8:21 pm
everyone is safe. if they feel threatened, we will shut down the offices and that is no question. neil: peter, i admire your guts and support of your community. not many do so iand many are. so thank you, peter. now we know that we didn't get the whole obamacare story going. but are we getting this whole immigration story right now i'm at what do you think?
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>> the one thing we can't say is that we did not have a lengthy debate about health care in the united states of america. or that it was not adequately covered. neil: not adequately covered? that is debatable. flashback october 2009. always saw was this in a case the white house forgot, here is a reminder of what was going on
8:25 pm
then. >> shutout and locked out and were trying to figure out. you remember watergate? get ready for it to her gate. not your home depot variety. and now this one is another door. and on the ninth day, it cracked. it's still an issue. and now it is getting weird. no one is getting behind the door. peter barnes with a stethoscope. so how would you help me? >> day 32. we have resulted to the twilight zone, the only people getting in are democrats. and we didn't know it was
8:26 pm
happening behind closed doors then. does anyone who think that this is far from closed? the same crowd kept this stuff secret could be added all over again. i suspect too little too late to do much of anything to do anyone any good. >> i think it's a remarkable statement by the president. if there are people in the united states who thought the previews were going to go down under obamacare because the president said so and then found out that was not true, that means that we didn't adequately debate the law. if there are people that thought that they could keep their health care plan because the president said they could keep it and it turned out not to be true, that means we didn't adequately debate the law. if he misled the american people about it, it has been adequately debated. but even they are if you use that as your standard, there are parts of the law that were not examined at all.
8:27 pm
>> i can remember verbatim number of calls that i got. then he said what do you see and why are you doubting mess, and i would tell them that this comes to mind and it's not adding up. you cannot insure everybody in this country and not expect to pay more for that. and yet it would be sold and now we know that it was delivered late being afflicted and they don't get them lost in the weeds. what i'm worried about is that this type of policy group among liberals continues and midterms know that they're going to continue to do it. >> the professor admitted and what he admitted and brought to the attention of a lot more people is the way that this was
8:28 pm
structured, it was designed to prevent you from knowing if you were going to be a net subsidy recipient believe in net tax as a result. that is what the community rating scheme and others that it engenders is designed to do. and that includes the law itself. neil: we touched on the key and those that criticize this that we should really look at the law. well, he is little to understanding what was sold as a bill of goods. but the law isn't the way it was presented to us. so forget if it was going to be cost effective or that it was well worth it. we will ensure that 30 million that were insured. and so they say that we never said that. but they did say that. again and again, the key things
8:29 pm
in which this thing was built or taken apart and now we wonder the other crucial pieces of legislation that the president well consider again. >> this is not just democrats that do this. any have pointed out that george w. bush, when he was passing his prescription drug benefit kept them from talking about this. >> absolutely. and by the way, we sat down when he came forward, we thought it would end at a 65 million-dollar program and we had no idea that we would actually be a couple million more sure than that. but points all well taken. thank you so much. >> any time. neil: be careful about politicians a promise you one thing and say that you are a
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>> all right. you're looking live at the white house. look, the president has left every single light on. how many times -- the president is expected to follow through on his immigration executive order. they're burning the midnight oil for that? who knows. if he freezes deportations for millions of illegals, get ready for an influx of more illegals. ronald says the president's plan only make matters worst. why would it make matters worse? >> well, neil, this is a green
8:34 pm
light signal to all those in mexico, central america, south america, the caribbean, europe and asia to come on over because you'll get a pass. one in ten persons that come across into the united states now illegally already has a criminal record in the u.s. has been removed and will come back. another one in ten are bringing their criminal records with them. pedophiles, for instance, being chased out of their own countries find refuge in the united states of america in great numbers. this is giving them a pass and inviting them the only. this is probably of all of the decisions, this president could make and has made during his time in the white house, the worst decision of all time. >> there could be something to what you same. i remember the same thing happened in cuba. there were all the criminal elements. they got a green light from jimmy car carter. i'm wondering if we're seeing
8:35 pm
that in much bigger numbers. >> think of that era again. history say teacher. and we are repeating bad history. jimmy carter's legacy is the boat lift and the hundreds of thousands of criminals who came into this country many of them bringing contagious diseases. they were given a pass. many of those here we are 30 some years later they were in prison. they were mentally insane. they could not be release north dakota american society. many others are back in prison because they committed heinous crimes like murder. this will be president obama's legacy. >> you're much closer than i ever will. he will do this. for 5 million to get this deportation pass, to say nothing of the millions more, however you count them, they won't be afraid because they'll probably figure they're going to get a freeze as well. they want to worry. forget about amnesty or whether
8:36 pm
they'll become us citizens, their biggest fear has been deported back to where they came from. now, it's not going to happen. this isn't freezing deportations for upwards of four to 5 million illegals. this is freezing deportations for everyone here illegally. >> you're absolutely right. i got back from the border, what i saw and heard from the men and women that protect our borders were people were crossing illegally at this moment as we speak. morale as at an all-time low. this is where the american taxpayer and american voter should have the lowest morale, their vote will be taken away from them. even when they say we want people checked at our borders. we want to give them permission and invite them to come in rather than allow them to sneak in. they will no longer have their say because someone in the white house is saying, it's okay if
8:37 pm
you break the law, especially if you're from a foreign country. the hijackers would be included in this if they were here today. >> thank you very much. i think. in the meantime, how do you say, you can't stop us in russia. russia is out for revenge. they might have just gotten it. really easily.
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>> coming up, did you hear about the new anti-ebola charity song? band-aid is back. i'll talk with the premiere ebola doctors in the country to see what those silly celebrities got wrong in their sad song. it's tonight at nine and midnight. >> this keystone thing wasn't the only vote that fell wee short. it failed to get the 60 votes it needed to advance a bill that
8:41 pm
would have stopped the nsa from collecting records from americans. overreach. it was in favor of a motion to allow the us to clamp down on this stuff. two votes shy. reaction from house -- from the white house, former cyber czar. big deal. not a big deal. how would you describe it? >> well, i think in this environment in the passing of legislation, it's not a big deal. it's going to have to come up again. we need clarity. we need to make sure we have the balance. i think for the most part, most of the people are saying, yeah, we want nsa to do this job. we want to direct it at the people doing the bad things. not let them slip through. this is nowhere near the end of it particularly after we switch in january? neil: let's assume republicans try this again. i wonder if there will be anymore of an
8:42 pm
appetite for the president to sign onto it, he will say that you can't just write a blanket policy that prevents terrorism. does he? how will it play out next year? >> i think once again there will be a lot of energy about passing something that doesn't limit the ability to collect intelligence and phone records and everything of potential terrorists, organized crime and everything. but there's going to be a push-back, a great deal of push-back from the private sector. we've seen a lot of the big companies saying we're going to encrypt stuff automatically so. not only our government, but other governments can spy on us. the fbi is saying, we'll go dark on these things. this is far from over. the decisions will only heighten next year as we get into the presidential election. neil: this is a cynical notion
8:43 pm
where i don't believe these guys. when they say they're going to stop this, i remember distinctly the president saying right after the revelation of the nsa and the phone records being looked at that he didn't know anything about it. now, he dialed that to sort of just say, we'll keep on top of this. that led me to believe it's almost like a shadow intelligence government going on and they do whatever the hell they want to do. whatever congress demands or the president calls for, these guys are sort of like james bond, they're doing their own thing. >> and that's correct. we've seen people testify on the hill that say we don't do this. in reality, we were doing this. the bottom line is, you're correct, you have someone in the back room, we need to do this extra step. we need to do a little more than people might agree to because we need to protect an agent. when you look at the sort of veracity they have in saying, this needs to be done.
8:44 pm
this isn't optional. we won't tell anybody. neil: you're the best. you make sense of a lot of crazy stuff. howard smith. you don't see that often. after the deadliest attack in jerusalem, an era quiet tonight. benjamin netanyahu vowed to settle the score with every terrorist. he's working on that response tonight. get ready for the middle east to blow up yet again.
8:45 pm
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8:47 pm
neil: here we go again. right in jerusalem with terrible act of terror. two terrorists attacking worshipers three americans among the rabbis murder he had. policeman killed as
8:48 pm
well. former deputy of defense jeff says words don't cut it. maybe what benjamin netanyahu is planning will. here we go. right? jed. what happens? >> here we go still. this is just a continuous string of events. just last week a palestinian person rammed a car killing a baby. it's going to go on and on and on. i don't think there's an end to this cycle because this cycle has really a religious base to it. it's like the fight between the sunni and the shia, the israelis and the palestinians. there is a religious divide that no one is able to bridge. i don't think netanyahu will be able to bridge it. he will respond and respond strongly. we'll have another round later and again and again. neil: what happens you get a strong israeli response then a strong palestinian response. back and forth and back and forth.
8:49 pm
isis gets involved. sympathetic attacks. who knows, maybe more. where is all of this going? i get at a sense we're heading into something deep and out of control with no sort of control out of washington. >> well, i think that's exactly the point. i mean, president obama has willfully abandoned our power there. he has demanded that israelis make recessions with the palestinians while demanding nothing with the palestinians. he's about to bless the iranian nuclear program. we're not doing much against isis. isis hasn't been thrown back from a centimeter of territory they've taken in iraq and syria. the iraq issue is a perfect example. we don't have leadership in washington that's willing to take on the other side. willing to insist they make comprises. all they want to do is have our allies comprise and our allies are fed
8:50 pm
up with it. >> when we make this to iran, it's this counter to isis. the cynic in me, i know i sound like to -- the iranians might be playing a fiddle and may be in bed with members of isil. this is part of a grand strategy to make asses of us. >> i think it probably t's unlikely they're in bed with isis or isil. but it's certainly possible. the basic point is there's no good guys in the fight. if you have iranians in one side and isis on another. there are no good guys in that fight. now, we have the kurds. neil: why should it be up to us if our allies aren't doing much and they're looking to us then maybe the president is right to say, not us alone. >> maybe he is. i don't think he is because he's not engaged
8:51 pm
any other organizational effort to try to fight isis. the real basic point here is, we're going to be doing this. unless we defeat the enemy. unless we really go in and defeat them once and for all. we'll do this every few years. the natural progression of events we'd go in, establish peace for a while, the government would come in, it would fall. we left. same thing happened in afghanistan. the government will fall after we leave. the taliban will go back in. will we do this forever? maybe. i don't think we should. that's the point. we have to have our arab allies take it upon themselves, they should be sending their troops in there. we should not be doing this at all. neil: you're right about that. jed. good seeing you again. here is something you don't see every day. barack obama talking ronald reagan to get his way on immigration. and chris christie talking comprise to make us forget he doesn't stick ice cream cones at
8:52 pm
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>> all right, the call for conservatives to compromise from the gov, not exactly known for sharing the love. >> you want to hear the answer or no? do you want to hear the -- do you want to hear the answer or don't you? and did i stay on topic? are you stupid? thank you all very much. and i'm sorry for the idiot over there. listen, you want to have the conversation later, i'm happy to have it, buddy. until that time, sit down and shut up! >> okay, all of you listen here. chris christie, the guy caught angrily shaking an ice cream cone at a critic is calling for republicans to make concessions, to make nice. let's get to all-stars here, rob basso, carrie lee smith. all righty, what do you make of this? >> unapologetic guy, he's a guy
8:56 pm
from new jersey. >> as if that's a problem. >> he's not afraid to show it. no, he's not poster child of compromise. if he wants to run for president in 2016, he needs to comelet to center more. if he wants to be on a national stage on international stage, he needs to cut out the antics, not helping his case in the slightest bit. >> oddly his antics and governing style have never been on the same page, if you think about it, gary, telling people to shut up and notwithstanding working with democrats reaching across the aisle, so maybe they are more in simpatico now, what do you think? >> they may be in simpatico in new jersey, i don't think they are nationally. the republicans basically ran on one platform. we're not going to do what the other guys did or have been doing, they were elected resoundingly, why would you want to go back on your word and say yeah, now we're going to work with the other guys. look, what are you going to do?
8:57 pm
say we're going to go halfway on the pipeline and run it to nebraska? kennedy: that's a good point. lisa, what do you make of this, changing any find certainly now within the republican party? >> i agree with chris christie in the sense i would like to see compromise and common ground. the problem is chris christie said that house republicans should move forward on the keystone pipeline and move forward on reforming tax cord and move forward on rolling back some of the onerous regulations, the problem we face is we don't have a partner in the white house, and president obama is uncooperative on keystone pipeline and regulation. that's the problem we face, president obama. >> i want all of you to eat a salad, okay? i'm just saying that. is the guy republicans call the constitutional ripper suddenly pulling a gipper? the white house says republicans shouldn't be making a fuss out of executive orders
8:58 pm
on immigration because ronald reagan did and so did george bush. you say there is a difference. >> i think it is disingenuous the republicans are spewing this propaganda. the reality is president obama is looking to move forward on immigration -- on executive action on immigration that we have not seen before in the history of this country. president h.w. bush and ronald reagan were responding to orders in legislation to pass as far as implementing that legislation and that marker set down by congress. what president obama is doing runs contradictory of things he said in the past. >> interesting, this is a different case. >> incredibly different. >> a cheap parlor trick to invoke reagan and bush 41 to actually make it look like it's the same thing. okay, both of the other instances less than a few million people. we're talking five million people that might not get deported and might get working
8:59 pm
papers in this country. there is a path to citizenship, this is not the path to citizenship. this is giving everybody the green light to run to america. that's not what the country is built on. >> gary b., what do you think? >> lisa makes a good point, what bush and reagan did was merely a continuation of what the congress did. the new congress will be vehemently opposed, but apart from that, what's to say you can't go back and say, your guy did a bad thing so our guy can do a bad thing, what they all did is basically unconstitutional. for obama who basically said i wouldn't do anything like this because it's upon against the constitution to go back on his word is idiotic. >> that is the story of this administration. >> and president obama is trying to move forward and change the immigration policy and change our nation's immigration laws.
9:00 pm
and it flies in the face of the message that voters sent him on election day. >> flying in the face of overwhelming vote in lame duck senate to reopen keystone. hasn't changed the most important vote of all. of that the president. go figure. more tomorrow. kennedy: democrats trying to distance themselves from a radioactive and quite wealthy jonathan gruber, into believing free health care wouldn't be expensive and the depths of the conflicts of interest continue to ripple. 400,000 over here. 1.7 million over here. group sickle was profiting hand over fist and ensured future earnings about the superiority of obamacare. maybe he can use his riches to start building the keystone pipeline, a project far more popular than obamacare was, is or ever will be the last-ditch effort for mary


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